Partnership with Framky

The principles of cooperation


  1. The Partner registers for the program at There he generates a discount coupon and affiliate link for his audience (-10%).
  2. Framky will assess the potential of the Partner's audience and qualify them to receive a free gallery for testing.
  3. Qualified Partners receive a voucher for Framky's test photo gallery, which can help the Partner prepare video content for their audience.

Preparations for cooperation

  1. Framky expects the Partner to produce a video promoting Framky. To this end, the Partner will receive a set of video files from Framky showing the production process and the end result.
  2. Qualified Partner can order a test photo gallery to record a video review of physical product.
  3. Partner is expected to include following key-points in the video:
    1. Simplicity of online gallery design.
    2. Unboxing - highlighting the clever and eco-friendly packaging.
    3. Close-up of the frame held in hand - noting the color depth of fine-art prints and the lack of light reflections (no glass)
    4. Ease and speed of hanging using the stencil (noting that you don't need to use tools - in the version with self-adhesive hangers, there is no mess, no need to move furniture away).
  4. The video should be published on the Partner's channel within 14 days of receiving the gallery.
  5. Qualified Partners will provide Framky with a video without subtitles/overlays, in full resolution (at least Full HD), to use for Framky promotion.

Commission settlement

  1. From each purchase from a person who comes from the affiliation link or provides a discount coupon, the affiliate will receive a commission in the amount of:
    1. Within 30 days of the start of the cooperation between Framky and the Partner, the Partner will receive 35% commission.
    2. In the further period of time:
      1. If the customer makes a purchase within 30 days of the first entry to the Framky website: 25% of the net order.
      2. If the customer makes a purchase after 30 days from the first entry to the Framky website: 15% of the net order - this leaves us the opportunity to motivate the customer with additional discounts to encourage purchase after 30 days.
    3. Framky may offer Partners additional commission during certain periods.
  2. The status of commissions can be found in the affiliate panel: Each purchase with an affiliate link or discount code will appear in the commission record.
  3. The commission is paid when the Partner receives the invoice.In case the Partner does not have a business, he/she can issue an invoice with the help of freelancer services, such as
  4. The minimum threshold for paid commission is EUR 100.

Resignation from cooperation

Possibility of withdrawal from cooperation. Framky is convinced of the high quality of its product. However, should the Partner decide that he does not like the end result and does not want to promote such a product, he has the option of withdrawing from the cooperation by returning the received gallery to us.