Decorate your home with your memories

✓ Easy online design using our pre-designed layouts
✓ Printing and framing of your photos
✓ Convenient hanging within 15 minutes

Exceptional photo gallery walls…

…with a quick-hanging system.

Hang up in 15 minutes

It can't get any faster. Hanging photos on the wall has never been easier. You can do it completely on your own, but we know from experience that it's more fun with your partner.

Simple hanging system

It can't get any easier. It comes with a template, which saves a lot of time when positioning the frames on the wall and provides a perfectly straight effect.

Without destroying the wall

It can’t get any cleaner. Our hanging system guarantees no mess and no drilling. The whole process is done without the slightest damage or violation of the wall.

Our product

We have perfected Framky down to the smallest detail.

Frames as in art galleries

Without glass reflections

Superior print quality

No deformation over time

A rich selection of gallery layouts

Over 10000+ layouts for various walls. Easy to select using categories and filters.
Prices include frames with your photos and a hanging template.


from 220 EUR


from 125 EUR


from 30 EUR


from 50 EUR


from 35 EUR


from 35 EUR

Photo gallery wall tailored to your interior

Framky are composed of high quality materials.

Designing Framky is nothing difficult

In just a few minutes, you can create the perfect photo composition on your wall!


Find the gallery layout right for you

Enter the size of your wall. Then look for the perfect gallery layout for you. We have a huge selection of compositions in various styles and shapes. You can also design your own custom gallery layout.

Upload your cherished photos

It doesn't matter if you have photos taken with your phone or professional camera. We accept JPG, PNG, HEIC files. Framky Studio will let you know if the resolution matches the selected frame.

Check how it looks on your wall

Choose the color of the frames. Then, use your phone's camera and our augmented reality to make sure the gallery looks good on your wall and matches the interior.

Easy wall-hanging system

Allows quick installation of a gallery without mess or drilling.

Framky lives with you

Time is constantly passing, life is changing and creating new stories for us, so we took care of the future of your photo gallery.


Replace photos with new ones

Has that moment come when you want to exchange the photos in your Framky gallery? With us you can easily order new prints for the frames you already have. They will fit perfectly into your current gallery.

Expand your gallery

Have you arrived with new memories and want to expand your current Gallery? Add new photo frames to your composition that is saved in your Framky Studio account.

Photographers about Framky

  • I am delighted!

    Framky is beautiful, easy to design and assemble :)  Hanging pictures has never been so much fun! :)
    Aleksandra Olszewska
    Wedding Photographer
  • Framky gallery wall is insane!

    I like it very much! Easy to use, on hold, everything given on a tray - measuring completely unnecessary!
    Angelika Piątek
    Family Photographer
  • We all had a great time

    While hanging we all had a great time, there was no drilling of holes - happy neighbors, there were no arguments about something hanging crooked - another marriage saved, the son had fun while hanging by himself and arranging the frames like a puzzle.
    Zuzanna Jach
    Family Photography
  • I highly, highly recommend it!

    Framky is the solution I needed. The template included in the package makes assembling the frames a breeze, and the quality of the printed photos is downright stunning. The gallery looks really beautiful. I highly, highly recommend it!
    Katarzyna Sawicka
    Family Photographer
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The Story of Framky

Need is the mother of invention - that's how we could describe our story in a nutshell. As is widely known, the best ideas are born from one's own experience, and in this case it was no different.