The Story of Framky

Need is the mother of invention - that's how we could describe the story in a nutshell. The idea for Framky was born during the creation of our family photo gallery.

"My Wife and I have always been engaged in photography. When our children came into the world one by one, the family photo collection also grew. We decided to create a gallery of photos from it for the wall, so that such a decoration would remind us of beautiful moments. For a long time we didn't know how to go about it, but when we moved to a new house, we decided that this was the moment.

The road was long. We didn't know where to develop the photos or what frames to choose. We also wondered how to arrange the whole gallery, so I drew a lot of compositions in CAD and it took us a while before we chose the layout of the 24 frames. We also had a problem with the execution itself, because only after a long search did we find a company that prints photos for photographers and frames them. When it seemed that the hardest part was behind us, then came the time to mount our composition on the wall.

Determining the precise places to drill almost 50 holes, was no easy task. With the help of relatives, a laser level, a tape measure and a pencil, after several hours of working up a sweat, the gallery was ready. The end result far exceeded expectations. Our children, almost at every meal, look at the photographs and recognize themselves, mom, dad and siblings with a smile. When guests come to visit us, they look at the photos with interest. The gallery gives us a lot of joy.

After this story, an idea began to sprout in my head - what if we could come up with an easier way and develop solutions to make the whole process easier? Maybe then more people will decide to make a photo gallery at home?

And that's how Framky was created.

Łukasz Olek, Founder of Framky

About Framky

The Framky brand was born out of authentic needs and our real-life experiences.

Putting ourselves in the role of the customer all the time, we have prepared innovative solutions to make it possible and easy for others, to fulfill the dream of having a beautiful photo gallery wall and being able to relive memories every day.

Photos preserve memories forever

Emotions, feelings, colors, smells, the warmth of the sun's rays and the winter chill, dancing, vacations, a breathtaking view, the joy of our loved ones, the softness of a wedding dress, a child's first smile and a family trip - in photography, time stands still - one look at it and memories come back to life. That's why we believe that there is a powerful force in photos, which makes us have topics for common conversations with our loved ones, also makes us reflect alone, makes us yearn and wish, stands to make us remember our experiences, experiences and recognize how much has changed, even though we are still the same people.

A photo gallery on the wall is a beautiful decoration that depicts your life story, identity, character, style, passions, love and what is closest to your heart. In addition, it makes us realize every day that time passes so quickly, so photographs allow us to revisit those fleeting and precious moments. It also influences children, who are eager to return with their memories to the sand muffins built on the beach or walks in the woods, and for the youngest it is a valuable source of stimulation, a point of attraction and sometimes a distraction from crying.

Surroundings and interiors influence us

Aesthetics and the things that are around you matter. We know that the furnishings and style of every home are different and therefore different wall decorations need to fit. But we are also convinced that it is your photos on the wall that most emphasize that this home is your place on earth, your choice, your anchor, your refuge and your haven of peace.
There is nothing more personal than the most beautiful moments encapsulated in the frames of photographs that adorn an interior. Your home is where your photos hang.

Every home deserves to be cared for

Framky is committed to caring for the Earth. We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and that we draw resources from it to run our business, so we strive to reduce Framky's impact on nature by making sustainable choices in our materials, production and packaging. We are proud of the fact that we have almost completely eliminated plastic. We don't use plastic film or plastic fillings in our packages.

Responsible production

Framky uses FSC®-certified materials

That means that the wood used in the production of our photo galleries comes from certified forests whose logging does not harm the ecosystem, but ensures the balance of the world's forest resources. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that our operations are based on sustainability.

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council® is a non-profit organization that is responsible for certifying forests and all types of wood and paper products.

The paper and cardboard on which we mount the prints are FSC® 100% certified. Which guarantees that the wood that was harvested for these products comes 100% from forests that are certified and sustainably managed. The use of trees for our photos is completely legal and meets the standards of the FSC organization and does not negatively affect the environment.

The frames we frame your beautiful photos in are also certified and this time it is FSC® MIX. This means that at least 70% of the material used in their production comes from forests under the supervision of the FSC organization.