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Framky gallery walls

How big a gallery can I design?
What sizes of frames are available?
In what color are the frames available?
What materials are the frames made of?
Do the frames have glass?
How do your prints look like?
How many gallery layouts do we have to choose from?
Can I create a custom frame layout?
Is it possible to order frames without a hanging system?
Can frames be ordered with standard screw/nail mounting?
Is it possible to order a gallery without a hanging template?
Will hangers stick to any wall?
Will the hangers damage my wall? Will there be a trace of the hangers left on the wall?
Will the hangers peel off the wall over time?
How long does it take to hang a gallery using the Framky hanging system?
How many people are needed to hang the Framky Gallery?
What tools are needed to hang the Framky Gallery?
How to remove the Gallery from the wall?
In what rooms not to hang Framky Gallery?
Can I order the frames themselves without the photos?
What are the requirements for uploaded photos?
What type of paper do we use for printing photos?
Passepartout / Photo matting
What technique is used to print photos?
What does the box contain?


Total order delivery time
How long does it take to produce an order?
Where can I check the status of my order?
Can I cancel my order?
Can I change my order?

Payment methods

What forms of payment are available?
How to pay with a voucher/gift card?
Can I get a VAT invoice for my company?
Is it possible to pay on delivery?


Delivery time
What are the ways and costs of delivery?
Why don't we use parcel machines?
Where is my package?
What countries are orders shipped to?
Why is my order delayed?
I have not received the order, but the shipping status shows that the package has been delivered.
The box with my package is damaged.


What is the return policy?
How do I return the Gallery?
How to prepare and pack the product for return?
To what address to send the return?


What should I do if my shipment is not complete?
My frames came damaged, what should I do?
How can I complain about a product?

I already have Framky, what's next?

Cleanliness and care of frames
Can I buy or replace photos for the gallery I already have?
Can I extend my Gallery with new frames?

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