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Framky Gallery - Tetris


Frame color
printing of your photos
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Hanging system
without hanging template
hanging template

Speeds up installation and provides a perfectly straight end result.
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Technical information

Frames from MDF profiles with a width of 15 cm and a depth of 16 cm. The dimensions of the entire gallery are 80 x 65 cm.
Outer Frame size
Photo print size
Frame weight with a photo print
2 x
15 x 20cm
12.2 x 17.2 cm
0.14 kg
1 x
20 x 30cm
17.2 x 27.2 cm
0.22 kg
1 x
30 x 40cm
27.2 x 37.2 cm
0.35 kg
1 x
45 x 45cm
42.2 x 42.2 cm
0.5 kg
Photo Development
Photos printed on photographic paper matt 230g/m2 attached to a 3mm hard surface.
Gallery Template
Printed in natural scale 1:1 (80 x 65 cm). Double-sided tape included.
Self-adhesive hangers
Made of plywood with double-sided mounting tape. You can detach your hangers without damaging the wall. The lifting capacity of a set of hangers is 4,4kg (when attached as advised).

What is Framky?

Framky is a complete set for creating galleries of your photos. It is made for those who value time, convenience and high quality products.

Effortless Photo Gallery Design

Transform your precious memories into a stunning photo gallery with our intuitive and user-friendly design tool in just a few clicks.

Superior Photo Printing Standards

We print your photos on premium matte photo papers or fine-art papers, which provide a rich, deep color effect.

Quick Installation and Perfect Alignment

You get a natural scale gallery template and a set of self-adhesive hangers to hang your frames quickly, evenly spaced, with no drilling or making a mess!

Frequently asked questions

What is Framky Gallery and who should buy it?

Framky Gallery is a complete package: a gallery layout, your photos printed in high quality, framed in glassless frames, and a hanging system with natural scale gallery template and self-adhesive hangers for quick, clutter-free installation. We designed Framky Galleries for people who value convenience (no mess, no drilling, no moving furniture), high quality (premium materials) and speed (everything in one order).

Can I order Framky Gallery without printing photos? I already have the photos developed.

Framky Gallery is a proprietary solution for developing photos and framing them without glass (read more about the proprietary framing system). This requires attaching the photo to a hard backing, which we do during the production process. Therefore, it is not possible to place your own photos in our frames.

Can I order Framky Gallery without a template?

Yes. Before proceeding to the shopping cart, you can check whether you want to purchase the selected gallery with or without a template. Resignation from the template means that you’ll have to tediously measure the position of each frame on the wall, and then marking out the places for nails or holes for screws.

Can I order Framky Gallery without adhesive hangers?

Yes. Before proceeding to the shopping cart, you can check whether you want to purchase the selected gallery with or without self-adhesive hangers. Resigning from self-adhesive hangers means that the frames have to be mounted in the traditional way – with screws or nails.